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Geography is History Part II: Collaborative Execution

In the previous blog we looked at basic collaboration options, with an introduction to one of the most effective platform, Microsoft Teams. Many platforms today enable very effective audio and video communications. However, collaborative execution is not limited to just a lot of audio / video sessions. A lot of these sessions from distributed teams … More

Geography is History …Part I

Iridium, the satellite telephone service promoted by Motorola, was planned in the mid 1980’s to link up the earth with 66 low-orbit satellites. ‘Geography is history’ was the line with which the company launched its services.  By the August 1999 Iridium was bankrupt and the idea had crashed.              But 20 years later, this need … More

Business oriented Application performance management.

Real time Technology performance management, for any company with an online / app presence with its infrastructure on the cloud is extremely vital. Typically and especially from a CTO angle, performance involves focus on 3 letter codes and associated % utilization like CPU, DTU and a bunch of graphs which are great but it is … More

Solving process failure mysteries with ML & Data Visualization.

Independent of industry such as banking, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics and others there is always one core performance metric which impact customer retention & and strong repeatable business. Sometimes it is observed that there is repeated incidents where a process performance suffers and its difficult to track down the exact reasons. The repeated process failures causes … More

Subscription E-commerce model to minimize spikes and outages for essentials

As COVID-19 hit us hard globally between Jan 2020 to April 2020, we have all shifted to ab-normal buying habits both online and in stores with spikes especially for essentials, which now include hand sanitizers, toiletries and a lot of  baking essentials and equipment’s.        Earlier e-commerce for essentials was mostly associated with product positioning based … More

Retail, E-commerce and the importance of logistics in the new normal

The current COVID-19 is drawing a clear distinction between winners and losers in retail. Go online big time or go home. Every e-tailer needs to have a great strategy to stay alive and make it through.               Following could be considered as key strategy components in very simplistic terms Customer reach. Customer interest generation. Customer … More

Business Continuity plan – Cloud platforms

When you set up a new business or have a small/medium business, these days having a cloud platform solution is the best way to go since all of your technology can be managed by a Cloud solution provider like Microsoft, AWS, Google or others. But you need to plan your business continuity architecture well so … More

Animated ideas…continued

Imagine if you are a logistics company in need to identify how particular business units / cities are performing in terms of progress in the current environment or over the past few months, and if you want see the performance over time for the key performance indicators below which may be in different data sources. … More

Get inspired by the most amazing data visualization…

As a person who strongly believes “A Picture is worth a thousand words” the example by Hans Rosling on his Ted Talks has always been an inspiration for expressing so many dimensions of data in such a perfect animation. See the video below to understand more. I have tried to take the above as an … More


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