Azure PAAS :Cost saving techniques

Sometimes in managing Azure PAAS there are some very simple techniques which could go overlooked adding to the cost of consumption. In this article I would like to present some such specific techniques which will help you reduce the cost of your monthly Azure consumption.

  • Typical development and testing environments would not need 99.95% SLA and hence for many businesses it is an great option to evaluate the usage of Microsoft devtest subscription. The basic requirement would need active subscription to Microsoft Visual studio licenses. For more details visit the link below. This option will definitely help reducing devtest related azure cost by 35-40% on an average.

  • Exploiting the elasticity of Azure.  The App server configuration enables usage of automatic scale out as need using conditional scaling. Instead of using manual scaling it is always preferable to use auto scaling Vs manual scaling as shown below. This ensure that costs are incurred only when appserver instances are actually added as a result of conditional scaling.

Also select the correct scale up and scale out combinations based on the workloads for which your app is designed.

  • Reserve Instances : If your live instances have continuous requirements for Virtual Machines and/or databases over a term of one to 3 years, Microsoft allows you to get a discount on resources such as Virtual Machines and SQL databases whereby you can actually save on an average of 40% at least over a year. Basically you pay for these resources upfront vs on a pay as you go model but at a discounted price. This approach needs careful evaluation and detailed analysis of resources definitely needed over the long term. The link below will help you get more details on Azure reservations.

  • The 4th simple step is to set up auto setup weekday vs weekend scale up/ scale down powershell scripts to run as scheduled jobs which can ensure decent cost savings over the long run. The powershell scripts can change the configuration of App service plans and DTU’s and switch off virtual machines in low peak hours and weekends.
  • Last but not the least (and there could be more) but switching off your Virtual Machine when not needed will go a long way in saving costs.

Azure provides excellent tools to monitor your costs real time and keep an eye on your costs savings. You can use the link below to read more.

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