Get inspired by the most amazing data visualization…

As a person who strongly believes “A Picture is worth a thousand words” the example by Hans Rosling on his Ted Talks has always been an inspiration for expressing so many dimensions of data in such a perfect animation. See the video below to understand more.

I have tried to take the above as an inspiration, and then trying to imagine how to represent a typical business scenario in a similar way. My idea below presents a model which I have successfully tried using data visualization tools like Tableau or PowerBI. Take a typical business example of business / units and sales over time which needs to be divided over 5 dimensions taking the model above. The Diagram below shows how to design data views associated with such business entities/elements.

Once you understand all the above 5 dimensions you should collect the data in 5 different data sets in either 5 excel sheets or 5 SQL tables which can be connected to a view in Tableau or PowerBI.

My next blog will showcase how to actually perform the data visualization as an animation using Tableau.

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