Animated ideas…continued

Imagine if you are a logistics company in need to identify how particular business units / cities are performing in terms of progress in the current environment or over the past few months, and if you want see the performance over time for the key performance indicators below which may be in different data sources.

  • Number of Transactions [ Data source : Sheet 1 or table 1 ]
  • Sales / Revenue numbers [ Data source : Sheet 2 or table 2 ]
  • Actual kgs / tonnes transported [ Data source: Sheet 3 or table 3]

The data for these key performance indicators can be brought together from multiple data sources onto a tool like Tableau. This data can be blended real time connecting the 3 KPI data sources on parameters like => Business unit ID & Year month.

Once the Blending is completed we can define multiple dimensions on the Tableau Worksheet.

  • Business Unit ID Dimension as the Colored circle.
  • Number of transactions per month as the Size of the Color size.
  • Revenue in the Y axis
  • Tonnage value in the X axis

This will present the following fact : At a particular point in time [ Jan 2019 ], with a certain amount of transactions, how much tonnage is carried to generate exactly how much revenue.

Now the next important presentation is to showcase the progress each business unit is making over time. Since we have monthly data for these business units for Number of transactions [ per month], Sales & tonnage all we need to do is to present every month-year snapshot as a different frame [ page]. So we drag the Year Month information into the pages section, which helps to show the progression of all the KPI’s over time ( from Jan 2019 to Dec 2019 ) in an animation .

A Picture is worth a thousand words. Try it.

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