Business oriented Application performance management.

Real time Technology performance management, for any company with an online / app presence with its infrastructure on the cloud is extremely vital. Typically and especially from a CTO angle, performance involves focus on 3 letter codes and associated % utilization like CPU, DTU and a bunch of graphs which are great but it is very hard to connect those to the business perspective. These are more inside-out metrics and seemingly carry no direct correlation with the business.  Converting these to metrics and parameters which are more outside-in and centered around the business changes the entire game.

              From a Business leadership point of view performance management should be driven from the customers perspective of that business and associated with metrics such as

  • Global usage and associated geographical performance.
  • Number of real time LIVE users.
  • Real time Customer Satisfaction metrics.
  • Customer Behavior / Action related metrics.

The above are some  of the most crucial business oriented metrics and some amazing tools such as Dynatrace provide  Application performance management driven more from a business point of view, as long as we the business & technology leaders change our approach.

Tools such as Dynatrace are extremely well tuned towards tracking all the above metrics once their agent is set up on your application on the cloud. It is a very simple process and yields tremendous  value.

The Technology performance management can start from the Business side and then drill down deep into technology aspects at extremely granular levels. The picture below tries to outline possibly the most important 3 dimensions from a business perspective. These are my own perspectives and does not in any way represent the overall breadth of what Dynatrace as a tool can do / achieve for any business. Its any amazing tool and below is just one small byte of what can be done using a powerful tool such as Dynatrace.

Some possibilities – Business driven approach for Technology management
  • Active Business.  The 2 pictures below presents a flavor which is available from Dynatrace dashboards feature.  The performance of the cloud is analyzed from a users perspective using APDEX ( Application performance index ) which represents response time metric from a users point of view.
    • Global performance : The colors of performance are based on the APDEX rating of the system when its accessed across the globe from everywhere. Clicking on any one country/region facilitates a lot of detailed information of how the application is behaving when accessed from that specific country / region. The variation could be result of a combination of multiple factors including available network  bandwidth when the application is accessed from that region and others.
    • Total Volumes: Real time Users logged in globally in your system at all times is extremely valuable. The Users can also be identified as recurring or new users.
Quick Glimpse : Active Global Business
  • Customer Satisfaction : The customer satisfaction index can be grouped under overall satisfaction index and performance of key user actions.
    • Satisfaction Index : The Customer Satisfaction index overall is available as an APDEX value with a corresponding rating of  Excellent(> 0.94 to 1 ), Good ( >0.85 and <= 0.94), Fair (0.7 and <= 0.85), Poor(>0.5 and <=0.7) & Unacceptable (<= 0.5). 
    • Performance of Key User Actions : Every website / App has certain key pages/ tabs which are the most vital to the performance of the business. A  list of top 5 such tabs which make up for the core user actions should be tracked. The Visibility of the performance of these top actions is extremely valuable to the business.
Quick Glimpse : Customer satisfaction levels
  • User Interests and Actions: Dynatrace specifically provides a very business oriented outlook towards user behavior monitoring   which enables managers and leaders for websites and apps to identify the overall movement of  users on their platforms and they can also set up specific conversion goals monitoring and  track and identify both the stickiness of the website/apps  and also track the bounce rates when users leave their website / apps.
Source : Dynatrace sample application user monitoring

These small blocks of high value information aggregation can be combined into a very powerful Dashboard a sample of which is shown below.

Sample snapshot of a section of a Business oriented dashboard.

Taking  a Business oriented view of  performance enables leadership to look to managing the Cloud, the website and  Mobile apps very differently to ensure  all efforts are oriented towards measurable metrics which are focused around the customer. For more information on dynatrace please feel free to visit.

Change your outlook on performance management. Connect the dots..

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