Making Smart Decisions – Jump start using AZURE Machine Learning.

Microsoft Azure has an amazing tool which can enable Business Decision makers to connect the dots and use data associated with Key Metrics (discrete / continuous / Boolean) connect to the business variables which have an impact and build models for predictive analytics.               This tool is the Classic AzureML studio ( link: ).Continue reading “Making Smart Decisions – Jump start using AZURE Machine Learning.”

Animated ideas…continued

Imagine if you are a logistics company in need to identify how particular business units / cities are performing in terms of progress in the current environment or over the past few months, and if you want see the performance over time for the key performance indicators below which may be in different data sources.Continue reading “Animated ideas…continued”

Get inspired by the most amazing data visualization…

As a person who strongly believes “A Picture is worth a thousand words” the example by Hans Rosling on his Ted Talks has always been an inspiration for expressing so many dimensions of data in such a perfect animation. See the video below to understand more. I have tried to take the above as anContinue reading “Get inspired by the most amazing data visualization…”

Azure PAAS :Cost saving techniques

Sometimes in managing Azure PAAS there are some very simple techniques which could go overlooked adding to the cost of consumption. In this article I would like to present some such specific techniques which will help you reduce the cost of your monthly Azure consumption. Typical development and testing environments would not need 99.95% SLAContinue reading “Azure PAAS :Cost saving techniques”